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Thread: Scam Report Format

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    Scam Report Format

    Scam Report Format

    Before posting a scam report thread, make sure you're including everything below. If any details are missing or you did not properly report the suspected user, your report will be closed and moved to the graveyard section. It is important to include all details!

    *Your Username:
    *User You're Reporting:
    *Proof of Scam:
    Additional Information:

    *Required fields look like this.

    Note: We do not accept screenshots, chat logs, "eye-witness" by staff and/or users as proof.
    Note: We only accept video proof that's from start to end of the entire bet with the full client included (please no 5+ minute videos).
    Note: Throughout the entire video nothing should be cut out. You can only cut the bet if the video is too long, this means cutting the entire bet out of the full recording but still displaying what the bet is, the client itself, the users involved.

    Do not PM any staff members to read your scam report, or to report a user for scamming.
    Do not post a thread without using the proper format or post in a wrong section.
    Do not ask for help within the shoutbox.
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