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Thread: Staff Ratings & Owen's Performance.

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    Exclamation Staff Ratings & Owen's Performance.

    This is the second thread I've posted on here, and normally I wouldn't waste time with forums or other forms of excessive communication but a matter in particular that I think is acknowledging is Staff Ratings, and in particular Owen's performance as staff.

    I've been a part of the Fresh community for around 2 weeks or so, and for me, staff engagement is pivotal for retro growth and ensuring that everything functions well. My experience at this retro in particular has been completely shaped and reiterated by Owen's attitude towards members of the hotel. With my egotistic persona, compliments aren't a factor of what sums up me as an individual, but credit is given where it is due, and I cannot emphasize enough how well Owen has presented himself as a helping hand and an authoritative aid, in times of racial slur and abuse, not only instigated to me but to the wider community. I have observed disciplinary action taken which has been fair and consistent throughout the hotel but I have also seen from Owen, a kind and approachable nature which I think should be derived as the foundation of what makes this Hotel so well known. I only bought VIP because of Owen's personal touch to all those around him, making him extremely popular throughout the staff as well as normal users. He has implanted order in regards to complacent individuals and invasive scenarios which yearned to dismantle the harmony within our hotel. I seek only to illustrate acknowledgement of his hard work, as it can so easily be unappreciated. I'd also like to thank Kie and other staff members who have tackled issues and remained consistent. Owen's ratings should be infinite to be honest, and this optimistic view of Owen is not just an opinion of my own, but is rippled throughout the hotel.

    Thank you Owen for your cooperation and aid in times of need.

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    I've never seen more ass kissin in my life, owens rating has been boosted to 94 if it helps you sleep at night!

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    Lmao, thanks

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