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Thread: New Furni - I need these for a room i'm building.

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    New Furni - I need these for a room i'm building.

    I've altered existing furni as it is required for a room i am working on, if you would like to see it search up Absorption and go into the doorbell room.

    I need the viking furni implemented (even though they already exist in the hotel) because they're a wall furni, however i want to use them as normal furni.

    As for the glass, they can be found in builders club, i've made these more transparent in order for it to better suit what i'm building.

    The marble and xmas furni - I titled them "wall" but i want them to be normal furni. Basically the information as to how the sql is edited is in the title of each furni uploaded. those are existing furni, but i cropped the face of them to make them flat, and i'd like them to rotate around a 1 tile area, (each rotation happening on each side of each tile).
    the rotations are specified, including furni titles.

    As for the cata they're put into, Viking furni - In viking, glass - in builders club (under the glass tab), xmas - in xmas 2015 or current, it doesn't matter. and marble in builders club - under marble section.

    I hope this can be implemented, as they're are very much needed.
    Thanks for considering.
    @Kane @UserOwen

    Furni can be reviewed here :

    For the sake of making it easier for you, the viking furni already exist in the hotel, so maybe u can just copy the SQLs and simply change it from wall furni to not, i'm not entirely sure what the SQLs look like. Also the glass, has the same SQL as the glass found in the Builders Club -> Glass
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