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Thread: Rare Values

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    Red face Rare Values

    Is it possible for some rares to be added and some prices to be put up and down?

    -Angel Thrones
    -Panda Price (its on there but hasnt got a price)
    -Rainbow Amber Lamps

    Prices to be lowered;
    -Original Thrones (900m is silly, People need to stop increasing, they should be lowered back to at least 500m)
    -Djs/Dinos/Typos/Petals (too expensive for users on the client)
    -Some of the VIP Rares are pretty expensive
    -Original Rares (ICMS, Dragons, Dragon Thrones, Mini Drags etc etc- I and probably many others think that they are too high)

    Prices to be highered;
    -Big Dragons (people consistently selling them for 3b+)
    -Star Thrones (1b is pretty low as people sell for 2b+)

    I think that Rare Values are getting way too high and many others may agree, Its silly how Rares are selling over 10b and people still overpricing them on the client.

    This thread may be irrelevant as i dont really have a say in anything as im just a user but I think the things above should happen, not just for me but could be useful to other users.

    If anybody has any other suggestions for being added/lowered/highered feel free to add things below in the same layout i have.

    Would be great if these things could happen, Thanks

    (also apologies for posting a number of thread is the last few days)

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    Rare values will be updated at some point today.

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