Dear Staffs,

I am here to write about my thoughts regarding the shopping platform on Fresh Hotel.

Being a new fresher, I feel that the platform can be better improved if there are more details provided alongside the products (except for those obvious ones like 100 Petal Patches etc) For example, if a product (i.e ICM set) is accompanied with a picture of the set of ICM or a list of the items in the set, people will be more willing to buy. New freshers like me don't know what a full set looks like and we're worried that the item might not be what we're looking for. Also because of the complexity of the limited rares (some products appear twice but under different names) I find it better if there is a visual guide (image) to make us feel certain about our purchases. Under the VIP upgrades, you may also want to state the privileges etc. I know that there's a 'VIP Benefits' page under 'Hot Campaigns' but new freshers may not notice it. In addition, there's an item called 50/100 customs, I am wondering if the customs are fixed or given out in random. It will be good if that can be stated if it's fixed, we would appreciate if you could let us know what are the customs included.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Yours Sincerely,