1) Store offers have now expired indefinitely due to impact on cheap packages on the economy

2) Limited edition has now been removed due to billionaires buying up expensive rares and selling them for cheap thus driving all super rare values down

3) Free crates and free credits and pixels going out is now a thing of the past, we're going to try to keep up a decent credits economy from this point forward, no more free handouts.

4) You'll receive your daily 2M coins from the server for logging in, that's about it!

5) All banned accounts listed on richest that aren't successfully appealed within a 30 days of the ban will be wiped and give other users who haven't broken any rules a chance to make the rich-list.

6) We've got 28 staff members and are looking to boost the team to mid 30's so users can receive help almost instantaneously.

7) Our store now accepts PayPal, debit card, credit card, and all major currencies for those who aren't PayPal fans and prefer privacy methods of payments.

8) Our store line has now decreased to under 20 things in our choice instead of 50 confusing packages.