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Thread: Banned For Accidentally Advertising

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    Banned For Accidentally Advertising

    I donít know if Iím doing this right so sorry if Iím not but,
    The other day I was banned on Fresh Hotel by one of my close mates, user cry. I was banned for advertising which I regret as I know it was dumb of me not to realise it is a perm ban thing. No one told me this when I brought up I was going to help a mate out. I realise it is wrong but didnít know the rules before and didnít know that I would have been banned for it, I will go and have a thorough check of the rules if I get my account back. I believe I should get my account back as Iím a well-known, active player on fresh hotel and I host a lot of different events for the players. I think it wasnít my fault for not knowing the rules but also I shouldíve known. I also have met so many people on fresh and I want to stay friends with them. I'm mates with a lot of players and staff. I bring a lot of things to the community of fresh and I realise the ban was entirely my fault and ive learnt from it. I also think it will help my mate Sam, the mod which banned me, as it will make her happier and It wont make her think about doing things like quitting, the other night wasnít her fault as she had to do it. But I believe me coming back will make her feel better. I have worked so hard on that account and made so many people happy. Please give me the opportunity to have the account back and ill work extremely hard on it, by making events and what you guys want me to do. Ill do anything for this account back. Please... You can ask other users their opinion of me, and i was thought about when they were/are picking staff.
    Thank You For Reading Ė user deirdrexox

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