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Thread: Scammed by NeymarU2

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    Smile Scammed by NeymarU2

    Hello there,

    I was scammed by NeymarU2 about 20 mins ago. As LTD is now back in the catalog, I have been looking for players whom are willing to help me buy items from LTD for a price. Everything has been going well until a user decided to pull some stunts. I'm not particularly angry but please serve some justice

    Here are the screenshots on the conversation we had.

    User agreed to help purchase and 2.4B was traded. She mentioned she had to reload the room because the catalog was giving her lags (not sure what's the point but yeah) and then she came back after a good 3 mins or so and tried to buy the ICM but it tells her she doesn't have enough credits. She then claimed that fresh ripped her off/scammed her.

    User then became acting hysteria over the presumably missing money. Didn't listen to what I was trying to tell her and insisted that Fresh had scammed her.

    User continues to freak out. I suggested that she reload the client.

    She never came back

    I'm sorry if you had a hard time understanding her, it's the same for me LOL.

    Regardless of whether I get my money back or not, it doesn't really bother me. Would like to see that she's being dealt with or a staff to come clarify the situation if she is wronged.


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    So, I've looked into this but as you know all scams have to be video proof only... looking further into this users they have scammed before so on that basis, they are now banned

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