• We've opened up moderator apps for the week (4 have already been selected)
  • Voting has now been re-enabled on https://findretros.com/ (#2 spot)
  • We've got an advertising spot on https://forum.ragezone.com/f282/ with a banner (paid in advance)
  • Gucci and Arran are now responsible for all events / competitions.
  • Chels is responsible for all general hotel related queries
  • We'll hire 2 more managers and 2 more moderators within the next week
  • We'll restore paypal purchases back on the store, currently only accepting bitcoin payments (paypal payments can be accessed by emailing store@fresh-hotel.org)
  • We're considering doing a mass unban only to the extent of lifting those who served harsh bans or anyone who served over 6 months to be unbanned.
  • New furniture ranges to be updated (whole catalogue to be revamped)

If you feel we left something out, or want to suggest your own ideas, feel free to contact us on support@fresh-hotel.org