Hi all,
I would like to remind you (if you are not already aware) that the CFH (Call For Help) system is to be used when you seriously need help. If you do not require any help or do not wish to report anybody, do not use this system as it is being misused and Moderators are wasting their time dealing with these situations when they can be dealing with other things. Don't forget you may get banned for 1 Week if you constantly spam this system.

I hope you have all been made fully aware now because since I've been part of the staff team, I have realised how much spam the mods receive from these spammers. There are consequences for misusing this system.

Please use this system if you are in serious help or if someone has broken the rules, e.g. to be used when a person has scammed you. In this instance, you may be asked to provide evidence.

Thank you,