Include username of the account that was banned : bbydoll

Include username of the staff that added the ban : TurkeyJerky

Expiry date : 4th August 2029

Reason for the ban : "Scamming in the hotel is not acceptable. All your furniture will be removed and you will be banned for 1 week"

Why the ban should be lifted? : i was hosting a giveaway, roll a 1 or a 6 and get 2t. i disconnected like twice and both times my friend took over (user Examed on hotel u can ask him for confirmation of me paying him back) and as soon as I returned from being disconnected I paid Examed the money I owed him for helping me out when offline then I took back over and started giving people 2t each if they rolled 1/6 but clearly turkeyjerky didn't understand that i just disconnected so banned me instead, then immediately went offline afterwards.