Include username of the account that was banned : aneeqa

Include username of the staff that added the ban : Kane

Expiry date : December 7, 2020

Email of the account in question : I can't remember

Reason for the ban : It says "the moderator didn't specify a reason" but I'm pretty sure it's because I called Fresh dead

Why the ban should be lifted? : I meant no harm and a 13 year ban for a comment like that is just excessive. If I truly meant it and I really did think Fresh was dead, I obviously wouldn't have been on the site to begin with. It's my favourite retro and my intention was never to offend the site or anyone else. I know I just shouldn't have said it at all but it's something people say all the time and it's harmless in my opinion. Regardless, when I first got this ban it was 13 years and now it's 12 years meaning it's been 1 year since I said that and I've learned from my mistake.