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Thread: InFamousScotsman Ban Appeal

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    InFamousScotsman Ban Appeal


    Staff who banned:

    Expiry date:
    16 April, 2020

    Email of account:
    Can't remember, sorry

    Reason for the ban:
    "No reason specified"

    Why the ban should be lifted?:
    First of all, I apologise for this very late ban appeal. Whilst I know it goes against the policy of appealing within a week or two (last time I checked), I hope I'm heard out as I seem(ed) to be a controversial figure amongst many people across the hotel.

    Second of all, there wasn't any reason specified for this ban and I literally had no idea why I got banned. I remember clearly staff warning me (several time I admit) about my behaviour and conduct in the hotel, especially Chels who was the staff most on my case.

    I was let away with far too many things, I admit, yes, and for that I'm sorry. Things that I should've been banned for I was never banned for because Chels especially was more than fair and let me stay with several warnings, I get that. Past is the past really, and I have matured, and that's the truth. I'm not an active user of any retro anymore, and this appeal is more so I can occasionally come on and see how some of the people I used to talk with on here are getting on.

    If the appeal is rejected I understand 100%, I know myself I am chancing my luck with this appeal, but I'm just hoping for the appeal to be accepted and we move on.

    TL;DR: I know this is late and I'm sorry. I don't know why I was given this specific ban, and I have matured and hoping I can come back to occasionally check in with old pals.


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    Denied on behalf of Chels.

    You can purchase an unban from:

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