Include username of the account that was banned : mandykiinz

Include username of the staff that added the ban : Cater I believe, but it says Kane.

Expiry date : March 10th 2025

Email of the account in question :

Reason for the ban : "Mega Banned" - But it was really because I was posting in another hotel's forum.

Why the ban should be lifted? : Yes, I posted on another hotel's forum. Yes, I explained I was switching hotels because I believed things changed on Fresh. I do not believe that this should have resulted in a ban. I didnt mean to offend anyone. I lost staff and it seemed like everyone had abandoned me. I loved that role. I was going through some rough crap in real life. I wasnt thinking straight. I miss the hell out of everyone on Fresh, and Id like to come back.

Mandy xo