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Thread: Former staff (?) took control of my forum group and is now banned.

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    Lightbulb Former staff (?) took control of my forum group and is now banned.


    After a couple years of taking a break from fresh, I decided to make a return a couple days ago. After logging into my forum account, I had a private message saying this: . What happened im guessing is that since I made the group and went inactive, he most likely wanted the name so he went on my forum account and sent himself a ownership transfer request. He's banned now, and I'm back, so I see no reason to keep the group in his control. Thanks!

    FYI: Just so i'm clear (and you can probably check this) but I had not logged into this account for years before this month, so there is no way I could have sent a group transfer request to whoever that was.

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    wouldnt have been possible to log an account as no passwords, groups arnt needed anyway

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