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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    Include username of the account that was banned : CorpseParty

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Nick

    Expiry date :16 September, 2031

    Email of the account in question : not going to guess

    Reason for the ban : "bye"

    Why the ban should be lifted? :
    How the ban occurred is that I went to a random room (emphasis on random, I do not know owner nor is he on my friends list) doing a giveaway. If you rolled a str8, you get the entire room. Someone ended up winning right as I entered the room, so as a joke, I told him to "run" (as if you could even run from something like that). Nick was in the room as well. He joked around saying "run" and "fuck staff", and I followed. Then I decided to whisper the owner, saying the exact same thing, which was "run". Keep in mind I have been here for a long time and realize that staff can see whispers in room, and that can be evidenced by how I directly referenced to him in my whisper as well as got banned before by him through referencing him in a whisper. Nick banned the owner (at least I believe so) then banned me afterwards, claiming afterwards, "plannin out how to scam queenxmyaa [who won the giveaway] in whispers wasnt the smartest thing they did" (which I got from someone on discord). It was a harmless joke in which I thought Nick went along, but now I know not to joke around to that extent around staff. I think Nick thought I was scamming because of something the owner was saying; I do not remember if the owner was whispering me something that hinted at a plan (like trading between accounts). I would like Nick to also see this, and I want him to decide whether to unban me or not if possible so that I can see what he thought. Thanks.
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    13 Jan 03:19 K5000 rares. (6342810) <Whisper to: CorpseParty>: than ill say i accidently sold room to u
    13 Jan 03:19 K5000 rares. (6342810) <Whisper to: CorpseParty>: u tele to her spot
    13 Jan 03:18 K5000 rares. (6342810) <Whisper to: CorpseParty>: ill give u rights
    13 Jan 03:18 K5000 rares. (6342810) <Whisper to: CorpseParty>: yo

    13 Jan 03:19 CorpseParty rares. (6342810) <Whisper to: K5000>: si !!!
    13 Jan 03:19 CorpseParty rares. (6342810) <Whisper to: K5000>: ok so i take everything si!


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