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Thread: New Casino Rules

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    New Casino Rules

    Simple Rules:
    - Record bets to avoid getting scammed
    - Bet at your own risk
    - If unsure, ask the other player to show their bet before the actual bet takes place

    In Poker Dealers must use a set of 5 dice to roll 5 numbers , the numbers rolled are known as the dealer's hand. Both Individuals must roll and the person with the highest hand wins the bet.The list of hands are as follows :

    In order of worst-best: NO Pairs , 1 Pair , 2 Pairs , 3 of a kind , Low straight (1-5) , full house , High straight (2-6) , 4 of a kind , 5 of a kind

    When users get the same hand, the user with the higher number in the hand wins (e.g 6666 will beat 55555 )

    What is each Hand
    0 Pair
    1 Pair= two of the same numbers (e.g 2,2)
    2 Pairs = Two sets of the same numbers (e.g 1,1,2,2)
    3 of a kind = 3 of the same numbers (e.g 4,4,4 )
    Low straight = Numbers in order from 1-5
    Full house = One pair and one 3 of a kind (e.g 5,5,5,2,2)
    High straight = Numbers in order from 2-6
    4 of a kind = 4 of the same numbers (e.g 3,3,3,3)
    5 of a kind = 5 of the same number (6,6,6,6,6)

    During a bet if users receive the same hand with the same numbers then both the dealer and customer will have to redo the bet. Dealer's can also risk win (rw) this is when a user can risk a loss or a win by doubling the prize and another bet will take place , if the dealer looses any rw then the bet is equal and the dealer has lost all their winnings.

    These games are similar to blackjack,. Dealers use the five holodice / Dicemasters to roll numbers, rolling as many times until the total sum of numbers rolled are over 6, 13, or 21, or they choose to stop on a number under or on 6/13/21. Going over the number indicated by the name of the game is called a "bust." The user who gets closest to 13 (or 21) without going over wins the bet.

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    Cool Good!

    Now this shit is more like it!
    like its actually being played.

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