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Thread: Ban Appeal free me pls x

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    Ban Appeal free me pls x

    Include username of the account that was banned : IPban + so all my users.

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Queen

    Expiry date : 10 March, 2025

    Email of the account in question : not stating

    Reason for the ban : no thanks

    Why the ban should be lifted? : Okay fine, I said Fresh was going down the drain, so that why the unban happened. I was repeating (just in different words) what a fellow friend of staff including Kane, had said to me. Yes maybe, I shouldn't of said it. But let's remember, lot's of people w the excuse "omg i just came back after 3 years....blah blah" also say similar to what I say, but they don't get banned, so me including fellow now ex staff, and users; think your targetting users. Which is funny because if that's true, it's the active loyal users your targetting. The bans was the reason for the deadness, and once again your doing the same fucking thing. Which is no surprise to why your users, are now moving to another hotel? Nobody listens to what I say about Fresh on the client, and it's funny because I was only talking to Tyler about it. No other staff had an issue with what I said because I'm not harming anyone at all. You wanna try and relight Fresh? stop banning for no good enough reason, yes if i got banned for er what staff slur, whatever yes I wouldnt bother appealing, But this is the most pathetic reason to ban someone over.

    So yeah I apologise for what I said, but I got banned half an hour- an hour after I said it. And in that time I wasn't even talking about it, and you should start saving the users who are leaving because your about to lose a lot, and funny enough I have nothing to do with it.

    aimie xo

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