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Thread: 2021 Values

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    2021 Values

    Values 2021

    LTD Values:
    Gtab (5)900c
    Holoboy (10)80c
    Hologirl (10)80c
    moodi machine (3)1700c
    Samova (4)800c
    Hc Sofa (7)300c
    Gold/Silver/Bronze Dragon (3)2010c
    Red/Pink/Orange ICM (5)3030c
    Purple ICM (10)70c

    Nightsky Pillow (30)30c
    Noble Throne (12)60c
    Bubble Dragon (8)80c
    Cheetos Dino (40)23c
    Valentine Dragon (25)30c
    Lotus18_pillow (15)35c
    lc_ball04 mono (5)260c
    Holoduck (10)80c
    Holonelly (10)80c
    Holoheart (10)80c
    Hologragon (10)80c
    City_deondragonlamp (10)170c
    hexen_dragonlamp (10)170c
    st_cubedragi (10)170c
    K3_ijs (10)175c
    Peach Dragon (20)65c
    st_rosenautomat (3)2010c
    Verfluchter Drachen_Statue (25)38c
    Peach Dragon (20)80c
    Rentier Drachenlampe3 (10)190c
    Azura ICM (20)80c
    Azura Dragon (20)80c
    Asura Laser Gate (20)65c
    markusdor (3)2010c
    rare_dragonlamp_gala (3)2010c
    ibabbo_amberlamp4 (10)160c
    ibabbo_amberlamp3 (10)160c
    Jasonholost (10)160c
    st_hoteldrache (10)170c
    LGBT Mini Eismaschine (50)70c
    Easter Dino Egg (20)45c
    easter_17_haydragon (20)45c
    easter_17_hayhippo (20)45c
    easter_17_hayfountain (20)45c
    easter_17_hayegg (20)45c
    easter_pillow (20)45c
    holoHazeSpz (20)45c
    rare_bunny_icecream_name (20)45c
    rare_dragonlamp_fuch (12)900c
    xs_bubblegumdrache_st (20)35c
    eu_pinkerbaer (20)35c
    tardis0_bigdrag10 (20)35c
    Lovevoodoo (20)35c
    habbost_fcube_kissen (20)35c
    st_verrueckteisi (20)35c
    walli_pkingdragon (5)90c
    drak_miliciano (5)90c
    rare18_whoiswhodragonlamp (5)90c
    magic16_dragonlamp07 (5)90c
    Eisbaren Drachenlampe (5)90c
    rare18_crystaldarkicecream (5)90c
    liverare19_mushroomspyro (5)90c
    gold_clouddrag_final (5)90c
    Rentier DrachenLampe5 (5)90c
    holo _c16_pizza (5)90c
    xmas17_legendarybutler (5)90c
    rare18_crystaldarkhedgehog (100)25c
    Violet Smoke Machine (75)25c
    st_gibbykissen (50)25c
    santorini_r17_rarsorb - (3)14k
    santorini_r17_raroeuf (30)90c
    Black Inflatable Chair (25)180c
    Tornado Drachenlampe (10)1900c
    st_tokyoeisi3 (10)1900c
    st_tokyoeisi3 10)1900c
    st_geschenkeisi (3)11k
    Milka Dragon (2)21k
    Milka ICM (2)31k
    Milka Throne (2)31k

    Rares Value:
    Throne - 40c
    Dj - 10c
    Typo - 10c
    Dino - 10c
    Petal - 5c
    Classic Dragons - 55c per set / 5c per item
    Classic ICMS - 50c per set / 5c per item
    Gold Nelly - 5c
    Silver Nelly - 5c
    Bronze Nelly - 5c
    Gold Cup - 50c
    Silver Cup -50c
    Bronze Cup - 50c
    Grey Birdbath - 5c
    Kimberlite Birdbath - 5c
    Jade Birdbath - 5c
    Red Birdbath - 5c
    Holoboy - 40c
    Hologirl - 40c
    GTab - 60c
    Russian Samova - 60c
    Hammock - 5c
    Royal blue Amber lamp - 5c
    Gold Amber Lamp - 5c
    Red Amber Lamp - 5c
    Speaker corner - 5c
    Cola machine 40c
    Panda heart - 80c
    Moon lamp - 80c
    Big ben - 50c
    Water garden - 40c
    Custom ICM's - 40c
    Custom Dragon's - 40c

    if you want something else added to values email or contact Chels and check back in 24 hours as we discuss the price with the values department.
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