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Thread: Non LTD Values

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    Non LTD Values

    1 Diamond Value -30c
    K= Thousand, M= Million, B=Billion

    Diamond =30c

    These Values may change over time as to when others buy them from the cata. These are all just guided prices....

    DVIP rares - 10B

    Here is a short list of some available

    Hotel View Memorial
    Calippo ICM
    Calippo Fan
    Water Garden
    Cloud Dino
    Holo Dragon
    Cheetos Machine
    Niko Fountain
    Dragon Fireworks
    Club Sofa
    Sand Dragon
    Cherry Tree
    Easter Dino
    Professor's Lecturn
    Silver Pillow
    Bronze Pillow
    Moodi Machine
    Darkstar Dragon


    Throne - 8B
    Dino - 8B
    Dj - 8B
    Typo - 8B
    Petal - 8B

    if you want something else added to values email or contact Chels and check back in 24 hours as we discuss the price with the values department.
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