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Thread: ThisFresh ~ Coming soon!

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    ThisFresh ~ Coming soon!

    omg, what? A new fansite! Cool.

    What is ThisFresh?

    Well, ThisFresh is a new Fansite. Not just any Fansite, a fansite that has features that any other site wont! There will be more information about our opening to the site on the coming days.

    How do I get a job?

    Easy! You just add our friend Jerry The Helper! From there he will assist you in becoming a member of our team, you can add Jerry on Skype: thisfreshjobs

    What are some of the features going to be?

    Woah, some of our cool features will be top secret just because we don`t want to spoil the opening! But what the heck we can list some:

    - User System
    - Speak with our bot Jerry
    - The site will change colors depending on the day

    Look back soon, as we update the features!

    Who owns this amazing site?

    It`s in the name? It`s the one and only amazing Joey! Feel free to contact me on our Skype which is listed at the top and will be listed at the very bottom of this thread!

    Skype: thisfreshjobs
    Many Thanks,
    ThisFresh Joey

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    Looks promising.
    Please keep us updated.

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