A cover page is the host to your paper!


It is important to know how to make a cover page as it will be the first page of your paper, be it research papers or course works or term papers or even assignments. Cover page will help with homework and contains the name of the title that you have given for the paper, the subject on which you have written the paper, your name, the date of submission, the name of your department along with your name and the register number in your college or high school. These are the text content in a cover page. A cover page can be made attractive by adding effects like pictures, graphics, etc. that are related to the subject that you are dealing in the paper. A good example is a college paper cover page.

How to make a cover page:

To make a good cover page and make it look attractive, you can try the following steps:
ē The title of the paper should be the highlight of your cover page. So write the title in a big font and in bold. Make sure that it is in the center of the page.ē Write the subject in the next line of the title. The font size should be a size lesser than the main title of the paper. This should also be centered as the paper comes under a particular subject.These two are the important elements to a cover page and it should not be omitted as without them the page cannot be called a cover page.

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ē If you take any book, its authorís name will be given in the cover page. This is the same for your paper and is the professional way of writing a paper. So you have to write your name as the author of the paper in the lower write corner of the paper. As you are a student, it is necessary to your register number or the roll number and the department you are studying if you are in college or your class if you are a school student.

ē In the lower left corner you have to write your tutorís name who is handling the particular subject on which you are writing the paper and in the next line you have to mention the date of submission.

These are the basic rules for people who wonder on how to make a cover page. According to marketing help experts when you are doing your cover page in the computer, you can do wonders to your paper if you know the right soft wares to be used for adding special effects to the paper. Though people donít give much importance to the cover page as they give to the format, it helps the readers to judge your paper according to the cover page. Cover page is as important to a paper as how an essay format is important to an essay. So make sure that you give equal importance to your cover page when you are writing a paper.
These are the few tips on how to make a cover page.