The real value of the Forex trader's proximity to the center (must be specified), which is the main bank, the creator of the market, does not work. Much more important is the speed of the Internet connection and the execution of orders by the broker, not to mention knowledge of the basic laws of the market. So do not try to "hack" Forex - it is better to create or ready a profitable trading strategy, testing and working with it. توصيات الفوركس
And then I'm sure there will be money, and enjoy the store! Itís better than swimming upstream.
bonus Forex is not a deposit or - a service that at the moment only a few brokers. cash back موقع
The essence of operating in the opportunity to assess the trading environment and services of the broker, without the introduction of own funds. A lot of money in this way to make money, no, but we can compare the quality of service and trade, and then continue to trade on their own or change the broker. شرح الفوركس
For no deposit required to open an account with each broker, and then pass the check by sending a passport review to help users, and to a letter requesting to receive a bonus.