The secret is that everyone is right in their own way, but often makes the same mistakes. In general, it doesn’t matter so much where to start. It is important that they have a basic knowledge, an understanding of key market factors. So now, we will take 5 steps that will be the foundation, that is, the test with which to shape future successful traders.
Step 1. Download and install on your computer MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal (basic platform for Forex)
Step 2: Check out the video tutorials on how to work with the MetaTrader 4 terminalxm شركة
Step 3: Tour the route. The first 2-3 months on the demo account they work in the store. We go to the "strategy for forex video" section to choose your favorite strategy and follow the instructions to start trading. افضل شركات forex
Step 4. At the same time study the technical analysis without doing it anywhere. \
Step 5 is needed to educate and improve. There will come a time when the entry point into a lucrative business you will see here has already started serious money on Forex.