Venmo and Paypal are two famous digital wallets Not only USA even all in the world. which are used for money transaction ,online payment, online shopping , send or receive money or many other purpose. Both are very popular due to his service and secure transaction. you just need to sign up in venmo or Payapl login. But if you are a venmo user and want to transfer money from venmo to Paypal then is it possible?. The answer of this question is "NO" . There are no any direct way to transfer money from venmo to Paypal. but one trick you can use for this task and the trick is you need to attach same bank account in both digital wallet by this way you can transfer your money from venmo to your bank account then can add money from bank to your Payapl account. this is the best way to transfer money from venmo to Paypal. if you do not know how to attach bank account in venmo then follow the below mention steps:-
1. Go to device and open you browser and visit to venmo sign in page.
2. Enter you username and password.
3. after login you need to go setting section.
4. choose the payment method.
5. click on "add bank or card" option.
6. choose your bank and fill your bank detail.
After follow these simple steps you can easily add bank account with venmo account. but remember you need to attach same account which attach with Paypal account if you want to Transfer Money From Venmo to PayPal. Hope above mention information will do your help in this task. for more information about venmo and Paypal visit to my website.