I understand you may be busy and not have much time to read this or check it soon, but I'd appreciate it if you would be able to look over it when you get a second, thanks.

Username of the account that was banned : PaintedDreamsTonight

Username of the staff that added the ban : Kane

Expiry date : 27 October, 2017

Email of the account in question :

Reason for the ban : And I quote " annoying bastard i hope u die in a housefire "

Why the ban should be lifted? : I believe that my ban should be lifted due to the circumstances of which I was originally banned, It all came down to I realized after being online for about an hour yesterday my inventory had disappeared and I was confused as to why, but just choose to ignore it. Around half an hour afterwards I went to one of my rooms I'd been working on a few hours before hand, to realize it had all gone. I then got shocked and worried and took a look at some of my more detailed rooms which took longer to build to find they had all been wiped too. I understand that there can be these anti-wipe issues and things to resolve this, but it just came as a shock to me as I lost all my rooms I'd worked on. I know my account had some rares I was given, but I honestly wasn't bothered by losing the rares, I'd rather have just sacrificed them all to keep my rooms. After trying to resolve the issue with Fresh Staff, I was asked to explain what had happened and they kept saying. "Tell us what happened mate".. Then as soon as I'd reply they'd say "*User* Has Gone Idle*" :/ After a few messages back and forth with Kane over Private Message I found myself at the face of a ban, which I didn't want in the end of it all, as I enjoy my time on fresh each day, talking to people and building, So I really am just wanting to get back online as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time, I'll look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards.